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Entim Mara supports Pack for a Purpose, where you put something into your luggage that can enhance the lives of those less fortunate than yourself and we distribute it for you.

We support Molibanny Primary School, which educates 50 pupils aged 8 to 12 years from villages on the edge of the Masai Mara. If you would like to make your donation in person, we can provide transportation from Entim Camp to the primary school 30km away. Otherwise we’ll take it for you.


Guests who pack an educational gift into their luggage for Moilbanny Primary School under the Pack for a Purpose initiative can be transported to the school to offer their donation in person.

These are the items the school has requested (in English language):
  • General School Supplies: School bags, chalk, coloured pencils, compasses, crayons, dry-erase markers, erasers, pens, protractors, rulers and solar calculators.
  • Reference Materials: Dictionaries
  • Wall Charts: Math and Science
  • Books: Story books for ages 8-12 and text books on biology, general science, health, language, grammar and maths.
  • Educational Games/Toys: Puzzles and word games like scrabble
  • Sports/Outdoor Activity: Skipping ropes and soccer balls
  • Clothing/Shoes: New or gently-used children’s’ clothing
  • Please Do Not Bring: sweets (bad for teeth) or balloons (can get eaten by wildlife)

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